​​​​​BARTENDING BY THE HOUR: Looking for a Classy, Fun and proffesional bartender? GOOD! You've found your match!. Bartenders are availabe upon request and the services delivered to your event. Price Varies depending on Event and Requests, please email or call. 

BARTENDING AND BAR EQUIPMENT: These packages will take the ease off by including all bar ware, glasses, mixers....we will even bring the bar. Packages vary upon event requests.

GOLD PACKAGE:  Pricing includes bartender, equipment and mixers

This is the package you want if you desire an unlimited selection of mixed and signature drinks including beer & wine. The GOLD PACKAGE provides bartending service on an OPEN bar for your guests to enjoy. This package includes all necessary mixers, garnishes, bar utensils, cups, cocktail napkins, cocktail stir stix, ice & cooler, we will even bring the bar if you need it.This is for your big party crowd that needs a little more to choose from than your normal beer, wine or signature drink. Our motto is....OPEN BAR = OPEN FOR FUN.  

$350 = 4 hours.

SILVER PACKAGE: Pricing includes bartender, equipment and mixers

​​This is the biggest bang for your buck. The SILVER PACKAGE provides bartending service for the beer and wine of your choice and 2 signature drinks. This package will include all necessary mixers & garnishes for your 2 signature drinks, bar utensils, cups, cocktail napkins, cocktail stir stix, ice & cooler. This will provide your guests more of a selection and add to conversation topics since everyone wants to try the signature drinks!! Signature drinks are at the descretion of the party planner, not us....we just make what you want and make sure we have everything to do it! 

$275 = 4 hours. 

GLITZ PACKAGE: Pricing includes bartender & equipment 

Our most popular package for executive events and proffesional type settings. The GLITZ PACKAGE is your standard (Yet TOP SHELF) drink pouring for the beer and wine of your choice. You can choose Keg beer to be tapped and/or bottled beers to be served. This will include both wine and beer cups, cocktail napkins, ice & cooler. We will also pour whatever non-alcoholic beverages you provide to your guests in addition to beer & wine. This is the recommended choice for small gatherings and corporate events.

$200 = 4 hours. 

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